Customer Relationship Management in Banks and Credit Unions

This is a video of Barbara Sanfilippo at The 2019 Financial Brand Forum giving a presentation entitled Transforming Relationships Into Revenue: A Roadmap for Financial Executives. Watch the video to learn how to move your staff beyond just transactional sales and capitalize on the person-to-person interaction through relationship selling. Read the description below the video to learn more about the process Barbara outlines to accomplish this and the issues it addresses.

A Process to Implement Customer Relationship Management

In her presentation, Barbara provides a proven, multi-year process (including slides) to advance beyond the initial onboarding experience to customer outreach and re-boarding and ultimately, financial coaching of your customers or members. We guarantee you will gain great insight from the video if your bank or credit union is facing issues such as:

  • Your customers give you their transaction business but go elsewhere for financial advice, borrowing or investing needs
  • Your members don’t view you as a financial partner but “just another errand”™
  • You’re not re-engaging customers who no longer visit a branch
  • You want to focus more on member or customer relationship management

Have a Leadership or Employee Meeting Coming Up?

I’m available to deliver a motivating and memorable keynote or other programs for your staff. Check out my demo video and keynote presentations specifically for banks and credit unions and the general industry. Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions on the concepts in the above video.

Relationship Selling Cultures Versus Transactional Sales Cultures

Click here to learn how a transactional sales culture with its conventional sales training differs from a relationship selling culture which is more palatable to both staff and customers and thus more effective.

Major Takeaways Barbara’s Audience Received and So Will You

  • Rate your bank or credit union on 10 critical factors that determine what you must do to transition from an increasingly less competitive, transactional, cross-selling model to a relationship management process.
  • Receive a road map to implement a structured and disciplined process that is predictable, repeatable and guaranteed to build trust, deepen member or customer relationships, improve staff buy-in and increase revenue.

Who We Are

High Definition Banking® is a national training, consulting and motivational speaking firm that partners with progressive banks and credit unions committed to increasing sales, deepen customer and member relationships and turn them into loyal advocates by enhancing their financial well-being. We have been a trusted financial partner since 1989.

We implement structured processes to move beyond the 1980s transactional product-selling model to a relationship-building and advice-focused model. The result is a highly differentiated experience resulting in organic growth from loyal advocates and best of all, highly engaged staff inspired to make a difference!

Barbara Sanfilippo, CSP, CPAE, is an enthusiastic and popular business, convention and motivational speaker as well as an author, coach and relationship management consultant specializing in inspiring staff to deepen customer and member relationships and be viewed as a trusted financial partner.

If you need help implementing your relationship process give us a call at (858) 674-5500, ext 101.