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Your Challenge — A big problem for banks and credit unions is they want to increase their “share of wallet” but for the most part, it’s not happening. We suspect we’ll ruffle some feathers when we say many of your staff probably don’t have a clue how to grow your existing customer or member base. They’re not trained how to do it. They’re not accountable for it. They don’t own the problem. Here’s how the right approach to sales training can fix that.

Most Sales Training Firms’ Approach — First, just about every sales training vendor you find focuses on teaching bankers how to sell isolated products to the “walk-in masses” instead of proactively learning more about what’s going on in the lives of targeted customers or members. Second, staff is trained in transactional conversation about products instead of relationship building conversation about the customer’s financial goals, dreams and aspirations. Many times the former results in “product pushing” and customers despise this.

The High Definition Banking® Approach — Our method of sales training, consulting and coaching was designed from the ground up specifically to help banks and credit unions generate revenue not only with new accounts but also from your biggest untapped market: customers or members who don’t frequent your branches. We train your staff how to sell but also how to gain a deeper knowledge of your customers or members and build the relationship so they will consider you their trusted financial partner when they have other needs.

This means more organic growth, bigger “share of wallet”
less money spent on marketing to gain new customers.

Here’s what a financial advisor at one of our clients had to say about the results after they implemented our process:

“As a result of your outstanding structured process including workshops, follow up and tele-coaching, I am receiving three times the number of referrals before our bank began our Managing Customer Relationships program with you. In addition, of our 38% asset growth last year, at least one quarter to half of that growth was due to the additional referrals.”

– Raymond James Financial Advisor


Assess Your Relationship Culture

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