We Absolutely Improve Sales Performance

Your Challenge – Have you ever said to someone, “We put our people through sales training but it didn’t stick”? You spent tens of thousands of dollars on training and got an immediate bump in cross sell ratios and sales revenue but it wasn’t lasting.

The training probably included coaching skills for managers to improve sales performance of people who report to them but to this day it’s likely they still tell your head of retail or operations they just don’t have the time with all their administrative tasks. Your big sales training initiative didn’t exactly meet management’s longevity expectations. Well, you’re not alone. Here are some scary stats about most sales training:

  • Up to 80% of new skills are lost within 1 week of training if not used – ASTD
  • Up to 87% of new skills are lost within a month of the training – Xerox Learning
  • Up to 85% of training fails to deliver a positive ROI – HR Chally Group

Most Sales Training Firms’ Approach – There are many reasons why sales performance is not greatly impacted after training but the biggest problem is most training is a series of unconnected, tactical events without a proven, formal, institutionalized sales methodology with integrated processes that consistently achieve the same results.

While training events may be well implemented, and intentions are good, people revert to their known behaviors all too quickly. Because there are hundreds of sales training companies and hundreds of approaches, we won’t even attempt to characterize them but instead highlight our approach that we know works.

The High Definition Banking® Approach – To start, we view revenue generation as a strategic initiative that has frontline staff as major stakeholders. Rather than conducting isolated training events, we integrate our relationship building and sales generating process with supporting tools into the daily routine of your staff. Anyone responsible for making sales is required to follow the methodology and so it’s proven to boost sales performance. Here are some highlights of what you can expect:

  • An assessment is conducted to build on what’s already working for you, insure a good fit to your culture, dovetail our sales methodology with your branding and CRM system, get buy-in from stakeholders and much more.
  • In addition to sales skills, five critical relationship building and sales generating activities are incorporated into your staff’s daily routine using CRM or like tool.
  • Our structured system is woven into the fabric of your organization to insure the four critical relationship building and sales generating activities are being carried out effectively and managers are coaching and reinforcing direct reports in performing these activities and using the sales skills. Sales leadership training is an integral part of the process.
  • The sales generating activities and skills are immediately applied by participants upon return to the work setting and continuously thereafter. Because of the structure and methodology, you know it will get done. As the time tested adage goes, “What gets measured gets done”.
  • In addition to actual sales results, the sales generating activities are measurable
  • Consulting assistance is provided enabling you to set expectations for participants, hold them accountable for results and communicate in no uncertain terms that the relationship building and sales generating process is not optional

Never again will you say, “We conducted sales training but it didn’t stick.”

“We’ve used a variety of consultants and your firm is the first one that correlated with a direct increase in sales. When we began we had one person in our $1 Million Dollar Loan Club. Now we have 15 people in the club and some are on their way to hitting $2 million. Only one-third was making their goals and now three quarters are and are members in our 100% Club.”

– Commonwealth Central Credit Union, CA

“I’ve been involved with a number of sales performance improvement companies in my career that were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the results they promise. However, I would hire High Definition Banking® over any of them. I can honestly say you have surpassed my expectations. Your definable and measurable process gets our people to carry out the specific activities that lead to results. Nobody else in my experience had such a workable and effective process. It forces me to bring my “A game” all the time. The same can be said for my staff and people I collaborate with in other departments to obtain additional business from our bank customers. It has been a highlight of my career to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

– SVP, Trust and Investments, Town and Country Bank, IL

Assess Your Relationship Culture

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