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An abridged version of a structural tool from our Building High Definition Relationships® training program used to capture critical client information, enable staff to better manage the client relationship and pre-call plan future contacts with the client.

The Banking Relationship Management Experience – A Strategy for Becoming a Trusted Financial Partner and Increasing Revenue and Profitability summarizes credible research on how building better relationships with members and customers can turn them into advocates for your credit union or bank.

Financial Wellness – Are You Missing a Growth Opportunity? A recent Gallup survey of 11,809 adults clearly demonstrated that consumers want banks and credit unions to improve their financial well-being, not just sell them products. What they are looking for is a trusted financial partner – not a sales person. Is your staff diagnosing for financial wellness or just selling isolated products? In this blog post, learn what you can do to take advantage of the growth opportunities in improving your members' and customers' financial health.

Please contact me to discuss how the concepts in the webinar would apply to my organization.