Mindset — A key to high definition performance — agree or disagree?

In my previous blogs I talked a lot about inspiring employees to live the brand, delivering excellent service and encouraging servant leaders to invest in developing their people. This assumes of course we want to contribute, we care about our customers and hopefully have the right mindset. It occurred to me in these uncertain times perhaps you, your family, co-workers or employees are struggling with apathy, anxiety or just feeling a bit disengaged. It’s pretty difficult to get high definition results when we are exhibiting low-definition behavior.

High Definition People® take responsibility for their thoughts. They choose to focus on those that are encouraging and dismiss those that are discouraging. So imagine what can happen if we take personal responsibility for our thoughts at work and better yet, we can teach those around us to do the same. Performance, accountability and teamwork would improve. Excuses would decrease and morale would increase. Sound impossible? I often hear managers complaining, “you can’t change behavior and attitudes”! While it’s challenging, I believe we can make a difference by being aware of our thoughts and help those around us do the same.

I’m curious how you feel about this controversial topic? Do you think it’s possible to help someone take personal responsibility for their thoughts and attitudes? What specific tips have you used at work to help a colleague or employee be aware of their negative thoughts and help them focus in a positive direction? Please post a comment as I’d love to hear what you do to help yourself and others around you maintain a positive mindset and see clearly how to experience life and work in high definition? Any successes, frustrations or insights?

Agree or disagree? Do let us know what you think by scrolling down and commenting below.


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