Mobilize Staff to Increase Customer Engagement, Heighten the Customer Experience and Grow Your Bank or Credit Union

  • Do your customers or members give you their transaction business but go elsewhere for financial advice, borrowing or investing needs?
  • Does your brand promise or mission focus on creating a remarkable member or customer experience, having strong relationships and/or improving their financial well-being but your staff’s behavior doesn’t align with the brand?
  • Does your organization lack a long-term competitive strategy to re-engage people no longer visiting your branches, build deeper relationships and continue generating organic growth after the first 90 days?

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Why This Webinar

A recent Gallup survey of 11,809 adults clearly demonstrated that consumers want banks and credit unions to improve their financial well-being, not just sell them products. But at many financial institutions, customer engagement is practically non-existent. To truly differentiate and position your bank or credit union as a financial partner, you must redefine your approach to sales training, move beyond transactional selling to build trusting relationships (relationship selling) and demonstrate you are passionate about the financial well-being of your customers or members.

Customer-experience-quote-Steve-JobsMany people are stressed about finances and improve their financial health is a sure way to create a differentiated member or customer experience. Banks and credit unions that can engage, build a relationship and improve their customers’ financial health will gain a competitive edge!

Webinar Framework

In this idea-packed and energizing webinar, award-winning speaker, author and customer relationship consultant, Barbara Sanfilippo, will share a proven multi-year progression to build relationships starting with onboarding, advancing to reboarding and ultimately to financial coaching. You’ll rate where your bank or credit union stands now, receive a road map to move forward and be challenged to rethink your game plan!

What You Will Learn

  • Energize your frontline staff to embrace customer relationship management, engage members about their financial issues, build profiles on them in your CRM and guide them on how to use personal financial management (PFM)
  • Implement a structured and disciplined member or customer outreach process that is predictable, sustainable, and guaranteed to build trust and customer loyalty
  • Value Added Customer EngagementMaximize your ROI on data arsenals like CRM, PFM, MCIF, etc, by engaging your staff to actually use it to build the member or customer relationship and boost organic growth
  • Take your bank or credit union to the next level and grow organically by leveraging the relationship-building capabilities of your staff and your CRM.
  • Implement a structured and sustainable process that changes your culture and staff behavior to be more aligned with your brand promise
  • Better leverage data in the branches through your frontline staff and bridge the gap between people and tech

Who Should Attend the Webinar

This session is intended for CEOs, COOs, EVP and VP’s overseeing retail operations; Investments/Wealth, Marketing and Human Resource Directors, as well as execs charged with driving a customer centric culture and impacting the member and customer experience.  You can count on practical, “how to” information in this webinar.

What Audience and Webinar Participants Have to Say

“Barb’s session opened up my eyes to see the areas that we are struggling in. Excellent information and a great place to start with.”

“She was wonderful and engaging. She used many practical and applicable examples.”

“Great session – very informative – plan to share with my executive team asap.”

“Amazing session – can’t wait to take it back and share her High Definition Banking® roadmap”

“Wonderful session. Ms. Barbara is always “Spot On” and provides eye opening information.”

Details and Pre-Registration

Hosted By – High Definition Banking® and Geezeo®

Date and Time – June 29, 2016 at 2:00 ET, mark your calendar!

Pre-RegisterClick Here to let us know of your interest. We will complete your registration and send a confirmation email with registration details.

Meet Barbara Sanfilippo

Barbara Sanfilippo is a popular business and inspirational keynote speaker, author, coach and customer relationship management consultant who has presented at nearly every major financial industry convention in the U.S. and internationally, as well as many other industries. Repeat clients include: CUNA, ABA, CUES, numerous credit union leagues and state bank associations, Raymond James, Jack Henry Associates, Symitar and hundreds of other credit unions and community banks.

Her firm, High Definition Banking® (tagline Transforming Relationships Into Revenue®), partners primarily with community banks, credit unions and financial service firms to help them grow by moving beyond a conventional sales and service culture to the next level – a relationship building culture. Previously, Barbara was a Vice President and Regional Sales Manager with Bank of America, (125 branches), a top loan sales representative and early in her career worked at two Wall Street investment firms.

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