We Help You Get a Better ROI on Your CRM System

Technology does not build relationships — people do! The Key Driver of Customer Loyalty

CRM software is a powerful tool that enhances bank and credit union staff’s ability to better serve their customers or members and to obtain more profitable business organically. This business might never surface if your staff is not using the CRM software to manage relationships. However, a big problem many financial institutions have with CRM is they put more thought into implementing “the tech side” than they did “the people side”. CRM is merely an enabler. Banking relationship management must become part of your culture. What’s your plan to make this happen? We’ll help you marry “the tech side” and “the people side”.

“Successful use of CRM is 90% culture, the people side.”

Steve Sherman, Software Engineering and Service Director
Jack Henry & Associates

If you own a CRM system and you feel you are not getting your best return on it or if you are contemplating a purchase, consider this: there is no company that we know of that helps financial accomplish the following:

  • Incorporate use of your CRM software into your staff’s daily routine building member or customer profiles and using it to build trust relationships that generate revenue
  • Tap the full revenue generating potential beyond service events so you can achieve the best CRM ROI you can
  • Ensure your staff input information about your clients and their situation after each interaction

Marrying “the tech side” of CRM with “the people side” of relationship building results in customers or members who view you as a trusted financial partner, not “just another errand”™ and a higher ROI on your investment in CRM software.

“I’ve seen a lot of banking relationship management and sales training programs in my career and without question your system is the best! As a result of your excellent training, coaching and consulting process, our Relationship Managers (RMs) are… maintaining customer profiles in our CRM system, actively summarizing customer conversations and anticipating customer life events. Without your valuable assistance I believe we couldn’t have recouped an ROI from our significant investment in our new CRM software.”

– EVP, Freestar Bank (former)

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