Our Mission, Values, and Philosophy

Our Mission: Make an Impact in the Lives of Customers, Members and Staff

Quite a few years ago we started to really take notice of the chorus of criticism from customers, members and employees about their bank or credit union: “I never hear from anyone at my bank.” “If one more teller mentions a home loan, I’m going to scream.” “I know my boss wants me to sell but I don’t like pushing products.”

We had an epiphany: Our business is not just about helping our clients sell but also how we can help them impact the lives of their staff, their customers or members.

We believe banks and credit unions can do so much more than just sell products. They can be a trusted financial partner, reduce financial anxiety and help people achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Determined to work from a higher purpose, we restructured our consulting and training process to help clients go beyond just better sales results. We actually enable banks and credit unions to generate revenue while accomplishing three things with their customers or members:

Build life-long, trusting relationships
Improve customers’ financial well-being by achieving their financial goals
Turn customers and members into loyal advocates

A significant part of this shift has meant transitioning our clients away from a focus on short-term transactional selling to a relationship selling approach (it helps that after being married 25 years, we know a little about life-long relationships!). Clients tell us their customers’ and members’ response and staff acceptance of this new relationship building approach is overwhelmingly positive, and their improved numbers reflect that.

Our Values: Integrity, Serving, and Fun

We follow a few core values. Integrity—professional and personal—is paramount. We pride ourselves in keeping our agreements, inspiring trust and confidence in others and maintaining the highest moral character.

Second, we see ourselves as servant leaders. We’re passionate about not only helping our clients succeed, but also their staff, customers and members. We look for opportunities to inspire our clients to embrace the spirit of serving and genuinely put the needs of their customers, members and employees first.

Finally, we are fun loving and strive to make our offerings fun. We work hard and play well. A few years ago we rebranded our company to better reflect our purpose and values. We are, proudly, High Definition Banking®. In addition to improving the financial well-being of our clients’ customers, members and staff, we are passionate about encouraging everyone to experience life at the highest level possible – in high definition!

If you’re an enlightened leader who wants to make a difference in people’s lives while making a profit, the Good News is we can transform your culture and the mindset of your staff to one of high performance. We’d love to talk with you.