Help Us Drive Business During Onboarding

The Challenge

Onboarding is viewed by many banks and credit unions as a vehicle to increase the number of products a customer has and stem the 35%+ average attrition rate. It’s also a great opportunity to simply connect with the customer or member. However, in many cases, onboarding doesn’t meet management’s expectations.

There are three problems we see with onboarding programs:

  1. They’re viewed only as a courtesy call where staff doesn’t learn enough to fill any needs to make a sale, or
  2. They’re totally focused on selling so they not only alienate the new “family member” but staff also loses the right to keep in touch and make future calls to generate business
  3. Many lack structure and proper staff training to build the relationship and a foundation to obtain business in future calls

If making sales during an onboarding call is the main focus of your program and the customer is not in the frame of mind to receive the message, there’s little staff can say or do to make a sale. If staff only asks “Did you get your checks?”, that’s a poor ROI on their time.

Conventional sales training techniques may work some of the time during onboarding but are not productive in the long run as when staff focuses on building the relationship first. High Definition Banking® has a more effective approach.

High Definition Banking® Solution

We feel onboarding should be the critical 90-day welcoming process when the foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with a customer or member is set. The goal is to create a positive experience, make a connection with the member, build trust and earn the right to cross-sell in the future.

High Definition Banking® teaches your people how to get additional business during onboarding calls but coming from the perspective of a trusted advisor and not simply a salesperson. We teach them to first establish trust and help the new member get fully engaged with their new checking, savings, loan or investment account and feel good about their decision. We teach them how to listen and gather additional insights from the customer or member around their needs and preferences.

This may mean not closing any additional business on the first calls but opening opportunities for the future. Our approach enables your staff to spot opportunities for additional sales not only during the onboarding calls but after the usual 90 day onboarding period and for years to come.

Read our blog post below that provides 6 questions to help you determine
how equipped your staff is to plan and approach onboarding customers
or members during the 90 day onboarding period.

Are You Underwhelmed With Your Onboarding Program?