Will a Hi-Tech Branch Truly Impact the Customer Relationship?

Bob Tramontano, Vice President of Marketing at NCR Corp, had an insightful observation in yesterday’s NAFCU Services Blog. He questions how much the member or customer experience is enhanced and service is increased by “beautifying branch design, speculative ‘prototype innovation’ or ‘using popular modern communication methods’ like texting, etc”. Despite all the investment in branch innovations and high-tech, bankers still need to close customer loyalty and intimacy gaps. Here’s what he suggests:

“Retail banking organizations can be so pre-occupied with trying to define an ultimate ‘experience’ that they all but forget… the simple fact that the ‘branch transformation’ road map is best designed around a return to traditional relationship banking methods and using available modern technology to simply ensure the member can access and consistently enjoy this ‘new banking landscape”. We agree that the best approach combines high-touch with high-tech.

In a nutshell, the ultimate member or customer experience is found in their knowing they have someone at your bank or credit union that has their best interests at heart, someone they can trust and count on to meet their financial needs because their banking relationship manager has established credibility over time. The technology is icing on the cake. What the customer or member really values is the banking relationship.

Read Mr. Tramontano’s entire post, The Future of Retail Branch Banking: Waltons or Jetsons? and reference our previous post Points Don’t Build Loyalty… Relationships Do for further ideas.

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